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Taking Chances

Dressed to Impress

“You, me, Pink Lady’s club tonight?” Santana asked, although more a command than a question.
“The lesbian bar? Again? That’s twice this month!” Rachel knew Santana was rolling her eyes on the other side of the phone.
"Yeah, so?"
Rachel could hear the desperation in her friend's voice. “You and Brittany have another fight?” She asked gingerly.
“It’s so cute, how you think you know me so well.” Santana said sarcastically, the only way Santana knew how to speak. Rachel blushed so red she swore Santana could see it on the other side of the phone.
Rachel had been crushing on Santana ever since they first met at Rachel’s dream school NYDA. She was bound to get in. She’d been a child star on Broadway ever since she got picked up in an elementary school production of ‘Chicken Little’ in the second grade. She moved to New York from Lima, Ohio and starred in ‘Les Mis’ on Broadway. But none of that mattered to Santana, who Rachel sadly thought would never look at her as anything other than a friend.
“I’m right though, aren’t I?” Rachel asked, already knowing the answer because of the long awkward pause that followed. “I’m sorry, hun," she added after a while.
“No need for your sympathy, I’m done with her this time.” She paused knowing Rachel would be doubting her, and not without reason, this wouldn't be the first time Santana had said those words to Rachel late one night.
"For real.” Santana added because she truly believed she was done this time.
Brittany had gone too far flirting with that guy right in front of her. ‘He wasn’t even hot’, Santana thought. ‘And he worked at a grocery store for God’s sake.’ Brittany didn’t mean any harm, she had only told the man behind the grocery store counter that he had pretty eyes. Santana secretly agreed, but would never admit that even with a gun pressed to her head because Brittany was hers. Not his, not anyone else’s.
“Yes, yes. You said that last time. And the time before, and the time before that, and the time before that, and the tim-"

“Yeah, I get it Berry.” Santana heard Rachel’s slight laugh and got annoyed, but wasn’t she just about always annoyed? Santana dropped her anger, something she had been trying to do more often and continued the conversation with her second best friend. “Anyways, is that a yes to getting drunk and grinding up on hot chicks?”

“Sounds lovely and normally I would say yes, but I’ve got a date tonight.” Rachel said proudly. She's been trying to step up her game lately to win Santana over. And jealousy was definitely part of her plan.
“Ooooo, really now? Trying to get over me, now are we Berry?” Santana said this jokingly unknown to the fact that what she had said was slightly a part of what Rachel was trying to do. The awkwardness of the moment did not go unnoticed to either girl so Santana quickly blurted something to kill the silence. “Only kidding, well you will be missed.”
“Good to know, now don’t have too much fun without me.” Both girls laughed and said their goodbyes. Rachel felt accomplished being able to turn down plans. She normally had nowhere to go on a Saturday night. But this week she had met this pretty girl in her dance class, Isabella. Rachel wasn’t really into her, but she was the only one she knew other than Santana and Brittany that wasn’t straight. Rachel’s date was scheduled for seven’ o clock that night at an Italian restaurant on 10th avenue, Del Posto. It was slightly expensive, but Rachel had the money considering she was a star on Broadway. It was five forty-five so Rachel began to get ready. She threw on a tight fitting black dress and grabbed a few pieces of red colored jewelry and put them on as well. She spent thirty minutes doing her hair and make-up and looked at the time. It was now five twenty-five. ‘Crap', she thought. She quickly grabbed her black velvet pumps with red bottoms and snatched out her black and red purse. She ran outside and whistled for a taxi.

Meanwhile with Santana.

Talking aloud to herself, Santana cursed Rachel for having plans. She was calling every lesbian in her contacts and couldn’t find anyone who was free. She threw her phone on her bed angrily and flopped down beside it, tears burning at her eyes as her mind wandered back to Brittany. Santana was about to give up hope on having a care-free night when her phone vibrated. It was a text message from Quinn Fabray.
(6.30) Hey long time no talk! Yale is out on winter break right now so I decided to take a break from school and come down to NY to see you and Brittany and maybe do some sightseeing. Got any plans tonight?

A smitten smirk spread across Santana’s face as her prayers had been answered.

(6.32) I’ll pick you up at 8;)

Normal people would ask where I’m at, but if you have a magical GPS I’ll see you then.

Santana laughed to herself, she missed her smart ass Quinn. After Santana had made arrangements with Quinn she began to get herself ready. She grabbed a gold bubble skirt and matched it with a black belt and a long sleeved black lace shirt. She didn’t take long to get ready considering she didn’t need much make-up. She believed, no, she knew, how gorgeous she was and she wasn’t the kind of girl who needed huge cat eyed make-up to look hot. Her black hair draped down her back in loose curls, her signature style. She grabbed her bag and strutted out the door because Santana was always putting on a show for someone.

Meanwhile with Quinn.

Quinn had no idea that she was going to a lesbian bar, but she did know she was hanging out with Santana Lopez; Sexy Santana Lopez. Quinn wanted to look her best. Quinn was straight, no, Quinn forced herself to believe she was straight. She had been pushing the issue of sexuality to the back of her mind these last few months because school at Yale was hard. She had tons of work to do and no time for herself. She truly missed performing. Singing is in her heart and Yale is just something in her brain.
The blonde girl threw a bright blue dress on with wooden buttons on the top. She grabbed a brown belt and tightened it around her waist. She grabbed her wooden wedges and was ready to go because she already had hair and make-up done from that morning.
Quinn sat idly on her bed waiting to get picked up from the hotel she was staying at when she heard a knock on the hotel room door. Her face immediately brightened as she hurried to the door. She quickly combed her fingers threw her hair over her shoulders before opening the door. When she opened the door she found the same Santana she remembered from High School standing right there. Both girls let out a slight scream and hugged each other like they hadn’t seen each other in years.
“Oh my God! It’s Santana Lopez in the flesh!”
“And its innocent little Q dressed in her purity blue! Almost as if nothing has changed!” Quinn was not taken back by Santana’s snarky comment as she was used to them. It was part of what made Santana herself.
“Almost so. Except you’re apparently Dr.Seuss now!” They both giggled. "So where are we going?”
“You’ll find out soon enough, let’s go I have a cab waiting.” The girls linked arms and walked down the hall catching up with each other.

Meanwhile with Rachel.

“Table for two please.” Rachel asked the man at the front desk, flashing a smile. The man explained quickly that the restaurant was full unless you have a reservation, all the while he never looked up at her, keeping his eyes on the screen in front of him. Rachel began to speak, and he slowly looked up at her, his jaw dropping when he'd done so.
“Rachel Berry? The Rachel Barbra Berry? The little Streisand! I’m a huge fan! I’ll get you a table right away Ms.Berry!” Rachel smiled as the man hurried away. Then she looked at her phone as it had vibrated.

(7.01) So sorry! Can’t make it rain check?

“That won’t be necessary sir, thank you for your kindness.” Rachel called out to the man, who looked very put out. She reached into her purse for a pen and paper to sign her name with her signature gold star and handed it to the man. “Have a good night.” She pulled out a smile to hide her disappointment and rushed out the front door.
She grabbed her phone back out and shot a text to Santana reading “See you at Pink Lady’s in 20.” Not realizing the conversation she had really clicked. She jumped in a cab and headed towards the club.

Meanwhile with Brittany.

Brittany sat on her dorm bed with Lord Tubbington. No one had any clue that she had snuck a cat into her dormitory except for her roommate Sara that probably thought the cat was a hallucination considering she was high practically 24/7. Brittany was petting Lord Tubbington and venting to him all her troubles with Santana when her phone vibrated on her bed. It was a text from the group conversation Santana, Rachel, and she had a few nights back. Brittany was desperate to talk to someone other than her cat so she got dressed to go out. She donned a purple fitting gown that was short in the front and long and flowing in the back. Brittany twirled around lightly, feeling free. She grabbed her black heels and jumped in her car leaving her hair in a messy bun, but throwing a gold headband around her forehead creating a hippie vibe. She was ready to get sloshed.


Thank You to my awesome friend Rachel for being my BETA! She made my writing a million times better! Thanks so much Rachel! <3 Hope you all enjoy this, there is lots more to come:)
italics= Quinn
normal= Santana
bold= Isabella


Update!? I really like it so far!

SaraCollins1212 SaraCollins1212
This is a really good fanfic I wish you would write more!!!!!!!