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Pity and Promise

Chapter 15

Detention was a lot slower and uneventful than the glee kids initially thought it was going to be. Surprisingly, Puck arrived first and sat for more than twenty minutes waiting for everyone else. Santana arrived next with Brittany, and Quinn and Rachel finally came before Mr. Schue came. In a show of possible authority, he told them not to mess around, finding it strange that they actually listened.

Puck was absent-mindedly strumming away at his guitar without a care in the world, and as the time went on Brittany started swaying to the tune he was playing. Santana and Rachel, though not voluntarily, sat next to each other and both leaned back in their chairs. Quinn was the only one that looked remotely active as she followed Mr. Schue's hands shuffling papers around.

I must really be bored. She told herself. Right now she was staring at Santana and Rachel, wondering if she should be in some state of shock that they were next to each other without a screaming match ensuing. Either from Santana blaming Rachel for getting them detention, or Rachel putting the guilt on her for leaving her back at Carmel.

Brittany and Puck's attention was in the back row, focused on quietly harmonizing to whatever Puck was playing. Country, maybe. Quinn moved her eyes toward the clock as if it would move faster. Mr. Schue hadn't said more than three words since detention started, and the quiet tick of the clock was just about to drive her insane.

I didn't realize detention could be this frustrating without anyone saying anything. She cursed her eyes at looking over to Santana and Rachel, and then cursed some more just for talking to herself.

Maybe Rachel got over what was bothering her. But the way she acted proved otherwise. It could have been a random act of rebellion-Quinn had those every now and then. Okay, a lot. But Rachel not showing any indication that anything was wrong was driving her insane. More so that she seemed to care.

"If this bell doesn't ring I'm going to take that clock from the wall and smash it." Santana said with Rachel nodding. It made Quinn wonder further when the brunette got in on Santana's good side. Though, since Brittany was trying to form a friendship with Rachel, the latina would be involved too.

"This might teach you a valuable lesson." Puck stopped playing and him and Brittany looked over to Mr. Schue as well as Santana, Rachel, and Quinn looking over. "Things like this aren't just brushed off. What you guys did was wrong, and I don't want you to do it again. Do you understand?" A chorus of 'yes' and 'sures' came from Puck, Brittany and Quinn.

"Santana, do you understand?"

"Yeah, sure thing Mr. Schue." Her response didn't sound genuine.


Quinn got curious when the brunette didn't answer right away. Was she daydreaming, or purposely ignoring him? It was probably just stubborn pride. Being called out on something you did wrong wasn't an appealing situation.

"Rachel, do you understand?" He repeated, and by now everyone was waiting for Rachel's reaction.

"Not really Mr. Schue." Quinn glared at Santana who could barely retain her laugh.


"Vocal Adrenaline messed with us in the past. I don't see it as a bad thing. We were just leveling out the playing field."

Mr. Schue took a moment, then replied. "That still does not make okay. Getting even doesn't solve any problems. Skipping school to do it makes it even worse."

"It's not like you would care if it was just Puck." Puck shrugged his shoulders in agreement. He, the same as everyone else, could read their teacher like an open book.

"I would care if it was any of you guys." His attempts at defending himself were futile.

"Please, if it was Mercedes or Tina, you'd leave them with a warning. Puck has probably ditched so many times that it doesn't even matter. If I'm ever involved, you have to prove to everyone that I should be punished."

"That's not true-"

"Sure it is." She retorted. "I'm the selfish, ego-filled maniac that creates a hell for everyone in glee club. And you're not helping."

"Rachel-" The bell had to cut him off right before he could respond.

Rachel wasted no time in getting her things together and left the room and everyone in it. Puck was looking at his lap grinning, Brittany just looked confused, Santana was holding her hand to her mouth to keep from laughing, and Quinn was simply shocked. Everyone starting getting up at the same pace, and thoroughly avoided making eye-contact with their teacher.

Puck separated from them in the hall and the Unholy Trinity walked together in a silent communication. Santana finally let out a laugh, and Brittany and Quinn tipped their heads wondering if she had gone crazy. When the latina slowed to a quiet giggle, she said, "I didn't know Berry could dish it out as well as she can take it."


"Britt, I thought you said Berry was joining us for lunch. Is she back cuddling with Finnocence?" The food on Santana's plate was unrecognizable as she stabbed her fork through it. It even made Quinn a little nervous.

"I don't know where Rachel is." Brittany murmured, making Santana look up. "I saw her in class earlier but after that she disappeared."

"Carmel all over again..." The latina muttered to herself. "I hate to admit it, but it was pretty cool how she went off on Mr. Schue this morning. The glee club needs drama like that to keep things interesting."

"I think Rachel's still mad, though. She's sick, too." Brittany said.

Quinn cut in. "Why do you say that?"

"'Cause she looked really weird when she left class then ran to the bathroom."

Santana and Quinn exchanged a look, and the dark-haired girl tried to find an excuse. "Probably the cafeteria food." She shrugged.

"Where is she now, B?" The blonde asked.

"Still in the bathroom, I think."

"Where are you going?" Santana questioned when Quinn pulled away from the table to stand up.

"I'm going to see where she's at."

"Berry's fine, Q. You've seen her this past week-hard as a rock." Her and Brittany smiled.

"It won't matter if I check in on her then. Be back in a bit." The protest on Santana's lips died when Quinn was out of hearing range. She sighed and stuck her fork into another unlucky piece of food.


Rachel leaned over the bowl, trying not to spew everything up like she had felt when she left chemistry. Almost like she was going to lose everything right there. She didn't go to the nurse. Old Rachel Berry and New Rachel Berry shared something in common-sickness didn't stop them.

She had been sitting in the bathroom for more than ten minutes now, trying to ignore the dried tears on her face and the fact that Brittany saw her make a run to the bathroom. At least the tall blonde didn't follow her.

A slow creak stopped her dead in her tracks, and she wondered for a bit if she had just jinxed herself. Maybe Brittany did follow her. Then she tried to reason with herself. This was the girls' bathroom, there were plenty of other students in the school to use it.

She felt proud of the self-comfort she was able to give, but something she wasn't expecting was to be brought out of her own thoughts by one Quinn Fabray, holding the door open and looking down at Rachel with wide eyes.


Oooh, I hope so!

Thank you for sticking with it! I hope to write a sequel sometime. :)
That was simply fantastic, the way Rachel's story was done was fantastic!
Oh yipes I sense trouble ahead!

Well thank you! I prefer to keep characters in-character as much as I can when writing fan fictions. It makes it easier to imagine it happening in the actual series. :)